Livingston woman searching for stray horse’s owner

LIVINGSTON PARISH – One Watson resident couldn’t believe what she saw when she came home Sunday afternoon.

“I just come home from the store, and there was a horse in the back yard, just eating grass,” Jimilyn Galloway said. 

A full-grown quarter horse was all alone with no one around. The animal didn’t look threatening. She was wearing a halter, and appeared to have been recently shoed.

“I approached it slowly, making sure not to spook it. She was really nice and friendly and let us pet her,” Galloway said.

The horse is now being fostered at a nearby ranch and kept inside a barn. Galloway posted the stray horse on social media and she has already been seen by hundreds of people. 

“I shared it on Facebook, hoping to find an owner and it blew up. I didn’t expect to get so many shares, even from people from out of state,” Galloway said.

Though the owner has yet to be found, Galloway remains hopeful.

“Hopefully we can reach out to the owner, and get her back home. As you can tell, she was well taken care of,” Galloway said.

If the stray horse is not eventually claimed, she could become the property of the parish.

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