Kid gloves: Search for a baseball glove puts Dunham’s Brennan Phillips in business

Stories about boys who see baseball as their passion are the stuff sports legends are made of.

Ever hear about a boy who found another passion through baseball?

That is Brennan Phillips’ story. And it all started with The Dunham School senior utility player’s quest to buy a new glove as a 15-year-old.

“I wanted to get another glove and I started looking online,” Phillips said. “What I saw surprised me. People sold gloves and would ship them to you. The way they did it was interesting to me.”

Phillips searched online platforms and found multiple Instagram accounts that were selling gloves. He bought a glove and then sold it for a profit and then bought another. And another, and then more after that. Soon, it was a profitable side gig that has Phillips set to pursue a business degree in entrepreneurship at LSU.

With his business @225_gloves, Phillips sells gloves to players and collectors across the United States and in Venezuela. He also is a brand ambassador for Round 2/The Athletes Marketplace and Steelo Sports Glove Company, according to a school news release. Phillips also gives teammates advice about buying gloves and even volunteers to break them in.

The next phase of life connection between one of his two high school sports is significant for Phillips, who joined the Tigers baseball team after soccer season. Though it took a little time, Phillips said he has moved on from another life event during his senior year, the COVID-19 pandemic that cut a promising baseball season short.

Dunham was 10-1 and on pace to challenge for the LHSAA’s Division III select baseball title. The Tigers already had early-season wins over reigning champion Calvary Baptist. Phillips played in the outfield and also was a pinch/courtesy runner for Dunham, making him a valuable everyday player, though not always a starter. He filled a utility role in soccer, too, playing defender, midfielder and forward for the Tigers.

“Brennan was a great team player for us and his parents have always been supportive,” Dunham coach Sham Gabehart said. “When I came here, there was a group of 15 guys in the program, and he was one of them. Brennan was an eighth-grader.

“Now the program has over 50 or 51 players, which is a big progression. He has played whatever role we have asked him to fill. He is a kid with a great personality … a guy people like. I think Brennan will be a success at whatever he decides to do.”

Phillips said his father was not sold on his baseball glove business at first. But through time he has been able to purchase gloves for between $150 and $225, then sell them for $250 to $350. The shipping costs an average of $14 per glove through the United States Postal Service. Phillips said his “stock” typically consists of 10 or fewer gloves.

Though he primarily played in the outfield for Dunham, Phillips said he prefers gloves for infielders a bit more. Phillips believes he was lucky to find a business passion that also tied into his love of sports.

“This (baseball glove business) is something I want to hold onto and keep doing for now,” Phillips said. “I want to see what other opportunities there are as I go to college.”

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